Who Should Submit this form

  • ACT residents who have travelled to an affected area and want to apply for an exemption from quarantine due to extenuating circurmstances; or
  • Non-ACT residents seeking to enter the ACT from an affected area.

Please Note: If you are a non-ACT resident and have been in an affected area, you may not enter the ACT without an exemption. Exemptions for non-ACT residents to enter the ACT from an affected area will only be considered in highly exceptional circumstances.

Information on current COVID-19 affected areas

ACT Public Health Directions require people who have visited the following affected locations to quarantine until 14 days after leaving the affected areas:

New South Wales

  • The following Local Government Areas (LGAs)
    • Blacktown City local government area
    • Burwood local government area
    • Canada Bay City local government area
    • Canterbury-Bankstown local government area
    • Cumberland local government area
    • Fairfield City local government area
    • Inner West local government area
    • Liverpool City local government area
    • Northern Beaches local government area
    • Parramatta City local government area
    • Strathfield Municipality local government area
  • A venue, location or public transport route at the same time as a confirmed case, as identified by NSW Health. These venues are both within and outside the LGAs listed above. Please refer to the NSW Health website for up to date information about affected venues, locations, and transport routes. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with evolving areas of concern.

Who is exempt from quarantine (do not fill out the form)

  • I am travelling from an affected area but will transit directly through the ACT, either through Canberra airport without leaving the airport, or by road or rail making no stops while in the ACT.
  • I have travelled through an affected area after the above dates, but my travel was restricted to transit purposes, including transit through Sydney airport where I either did not leave the airport or left the airport in order to then travel directly to the ACT by road or rail with no further stops in an affected area, or any other direct transit through the affected area by road or rail without stops.
  • I am travelling from the ACT to Sydney to collect someone from Sydney airport and am making no other stops in an affected area.
  • I am travelling by road from NSW to drop off a person in the ACT, making no other stops in the ACT and will have no contact with the public.
  • I am arriving in the ACT by air from an affected area and am immediately travelling into NSW by road.
  • I am a freight or transport driver travelling either into the ACT from an affected area for freight or transport service purposes, or am an ACT based freight or transport driver travelling into an affected area for freight or transport service purposes (excluding removalists – please fill out this form).
  • I am travelling to the ACT directly after finishing an unbroken 14-day quarantine period in mandatory hotel quarantine after arriving to an affected area from overseas.
  • I am from an affected area but have not been there in the past 14 days.
  • I have not spent time in an affected area except for reasons listed above.

Every individual must fill out a separate form.

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