In response to an outbreak of COVID-19 in New South Wales, ACT Health has introduced a declaration form which must be completed by everyone entering the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) who has recently visited a COVID-19 affected location.

Complete this form before you arrive in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Given that the situation is changing rapidly, please register as close to your arrival date as possible.

If you need help registering your arrival, please call the ACT Health COVID-19 hotline on (02) 6207 7244.

Information on current COVID-19 affected areas

ACT Public Health Directions require people who have visited the following affected locations to quarantine until 14 days after leaving the affected areas:

New South Wales

  • The following Local Government Areas (LGAs)
    • Cumberland local government area
  • A venue, location or public transport route at the same time as a confirmed case, as identified by NSW Health. Please refer to the NSW Health website for up to date information about affected venues, locations, and transport routes. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with evolving areas of concern.

If you are not an ACT resident, you should not travel to the ACT from any of the COVID-19 affected locations mentioned above. You will require an exemption to enter the ACT. You and everyone else staying in your quarantine premises will need to quarantine.

If you are an ACT resident, other people in your home will not need to quarantine, provided you can maintain appropriate separation from them. Further information on what constitutes appropriate separation can be found here.

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